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  • Practical Shooting Training Group (PSTG) is an entirely online coaching platform for IPSC/USPSA Practical Shooting. PSTG combines the training system that Ben Stoeger has been using, developing, and teaching to students all over the world with the meticulous video review and analysis that Hwansik Kim used to develop his skills to become a world class shooter in only a few years.

    The site contains drills with video explanations and written diagrams, training video, and a venue to get feedback on student submitted videos.

    This is not a web forum in the traditional sense but a subscription based distance coaching service for shooters that are serious about seeing real results.

    Good candidates for this group are those that already train regularly and want to learn to train better. This group is not a good fit for those looking for a quick fix or magic pill or those that are not able to put in work independently of the group.

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