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  • Jenny Cook

    I've been fortunate enough to review the course material for about a month now.

    Although I'm not a master level shooter by far (yet), I thoroughly understand the concepts of instruction and presentation of information used to teach an audience to reach their goals. This knowledge is due to my years of experience as a Basic Combat Training Drill Sergeant and First Sergeant. PSTG presents information in a way that is dynamic and interesting. Dry fire and live fire drills are presented with a focus and goal in mind, so that you can ensure you are focusing on the root of the drill and just not going through the motions. Also, if you don't understand something or need advice to get over a barrier in your training, you can ask questions that are answered by Ben and Kim; sometimes just seeing their advice put in different perspectives, helps me understand the concepts better.

    What else does PSTG have to offer? You can watch other members match and drill videos, see the analysis and commentary that Ben or Kim offer and learn from their very specific and direct feedback. I feel that this feature has boosted my learning curve greatly, and the library will just keep growing with information. Also, gold members can have a private section with Ben and Kim to upload weekly videos for analysis to work towards shooting goals. How cool is that, you can be coached online!

    I see a lot of people at matches constantly spending money on new gear or the latest widget they believe will give them an edge above their competitors. If you're serious about getting better regardless of your skill level, this is the program you should be looking at.


  • Erin Garvin

    I love the way each skill has a written description packed with Learning points and a video to see what the drill looks like when run well. I like that I can listen to a drill several times from the video while I drive to the range then read the description at the range before the drill (or the night before) so I can use my time efficiently.

    I also like the fact that I can hear the cadence of Ben and Hwansik shooting drills so my subconscious can better absorb what my potential can get closer to achieving. Because Im learning PSTG information via written instruction, watching the drills, hearing the cadence of splits and transitions, doing the drill (kinesthetic), and making training notes, I’m getting as many senses involved to more fully absorb the shooting skills. I learn better when I’m 100% involved in the process so the many methods of delivery that PSTG offers really helps me.

    The forum is great support when I have questions or clarifications I may need for specific, personal feedback. I also enjoy reading and learning from the other shooter’s questions. I use the forum as a source of accountability since the other members and I are both on an upward journey to improve. I want to surround myself with other shooters who care and the forum is one more way to do this.

    I like the different angles of the video footage so I can focus on different parts of a drill. I also like how the cues help you look out for potential and common weak areas in a skill so you can build a motor program correctly from the beginning of a practice. I want my practice to be as perfect as I can from the beginning so I don’t have to undo training scars later.

    I really appreciate the talk-through that Ben and Hwansik give during a drill or a stage break down so I can start learning how to ask the right questions for myself when analyzing my own drills and stages.

    PSTG makes me feel like I have a personal coach at the range without the hassle of making an appointment around a busy schedule.

    If you are willing to read, watch, & pay attention to getting better at competitive shooting, PTSG is for you. If you want to be efficient with your time to improve at shooting, PSTG is ideal.

    Thank you guys for this service. I’ve been looking for this kind of help to better my game. I’m So glad to be a part of PSTG.


  • Rob Moore

    For those of you on the fence about subscribing - take my word for it - well worth every penny. I signed up for a Gold membership, uploaded my info and some videos, and within 48 hours I had a full analysis and a training plan from the instructors. They were able to zero in on some key weaknesses and provided some direct steps and drills to address them.

    Not just that, but the rest of the videos and forum posts are fantastic, and the commentary from Ben and Hwansik during their own training videos are worth the price of admission. Join up, you won't be disappointed.

    Edit to add I'm a B shooter in Prod, looking to make M this year. With a ton of practice, and the feedback I get from PSTG, I'm confident I can make it happen!


  • Louis Gilman

    A great source of proven training videos, how to's, examples of how "the pros" do it, resources for strategy, latest techniques and a standing resource for questions. Additionally, for reasonable monthly dues, have your own shooting individually analyzed and receive feedback. If used properly, the resources here can shave years off of your Training Arc. (I am a volunteer unpaid endorser. The stuff does work, if you do the work.)


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