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Special Challenges

Joel Park

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Joel Park

Special Challenges


Become comfortable with non-standard scenarios that may present themselves in matches. Things such as off body start positions, shooting in awkward positions and shooting one handed.

Make sure that you can aggressively execute shooting accurately in a variety of positions and circumstances.

Optimize your predictive shooting for each scenario.


Setup notes:

Construct challenges that you expect to see in future matches. Keep the scenarios small, simple and focused.

Things like leans, crouches, one handed, prone, and other types of shooting positions and circumstances should be trained to the point that you can aggressively negotiate them at speed in a match.


At the tone, engage the targets in your setup while observing the special conditions you have set for yourself. Example: engaging the targets while kneeling would be the procedure if you are working on kneeling shooting.


When the shooting is awkward or difficult, remember shooting fundamentals. Confirm sight alignment and carefully stack pressure onto the trigger for each demanding shot and you will get the best chance at your best score you could possibly have that day. 



Pay close attention to the sight pictures you are seeing. As the shooting gets more awkward or difficult your gun will not behave the same as when you are standing comfortably in your preferred stance. If you sense the gun is not properly aimed where it needs to be then have the discipline to hold off on shooting until it is.

If the gun is not returning to your point of aim as quickly as it normally does then you will need to resist the temptation to force that to happen. It is quite common for shooters to aggressively over return the gun back to the target and induce even more errors. 


As you get comfortable with whatever challenge you are working on, simply increase the difficulty of the challenge. Move the targets further away, add partials, make the position more demanding, or do whatever else makes sense to increase the difficulty for the given challenge.

If you are working on shooting from an awkward position and you are successful, you can modify the exercise.  An example is to require you to start outside your shooting position, then shoot, and then get back out of that position. This will make the training similar to what you should expect to see in a match setting. Example: Start at position A and engage a target. Move to position B and negotiate the targets from your special challenge. Move back to position A and re-engage that target. This will require you to get in and out of your position at speed.

It is common for people to use wildly incorrect aiming schemes when negotiating special challenges. Some aggressive shooters barely look at their sights, and some people go entirely the other direction and over confirm. Be sure you are carefully assessing yourself as you go along.

Do not be afraid to try predictive shooting. There is no real downside to trying a more aggressive aiming scheme and, in many cases, you will be surprised what you can get away with. 


The best piece of advice to remember for special challenges is that you do not need to be the best at everything. You need to be able to hit the targets under pressure. Shooting from an awkward position is a challenge for everyone, and no one is going to be comfortable doing it. Suppress the feelings you likely have about being too slow and simply execute the shots. 

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