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Rhythm Drill

Joel Park

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Joel Park

Rhythm Drill 


“Flip the script” on target transition technique to better understand the technique.

Setup notes:

Set up an “El Prez” array. Make sure the spacing is close (1 yard apart) and the distance is near (7 yards maximum).



Establish a “rhythm” in your mind you are going to shoot. Each shot must be evenly spaced. This means you will shoot every split and transition in the same time. For example: You will shoot all .50 splits/transitions. You can pick any pace you desire, but I recommend you start slowly to understand the drill. As you go along, start speeding up the rhythm. 

You are REQUIRED to shoot the selected rhythm irrespective of anything else. As you speed up, you will eventually be pulling the trigger without any visual confirmation. This is a normal part of the drill.

The idea is by keeping to a rhythm, your job will become getting your eyes exactly where they need to be and bringing the gun to the next target precisely.

Keep speeding up the rhythm until you find your breaking point. Eventually, you will be unable to hold things together at the rhythm you are shooting. Back off just a little bit from that point and you will have found a good ‘training zone” to stick in.



Relax! As you speed up, there will be excess tension coming into your firing hand, your shoulders, and your arms. If you can let go of that tension, you might be shocked how quickly and effectively you can transition the gun.

Look exactly where you want to hit. The gun will go to where you are looking as if on autopilot as long as you stay loose and relaxed in your upper body. 


Drag on/drag off transitions are the most common issue on this drill. Especially as you speed up to a .18 to .20 pace of splits (or beyond) it is very difficult to keep your vision under control. It is a very natural mistake to mentally leave a target before you are done shooting it, or to be too slow getting the gun to the next target. Remember, on this drill you are FORCED to shoot your predetermined cadence. Waiting for visual confirmation on a target is not allowed because it would undermine the rhythm aspect of the drill.


Hits clustered outside of the A-zone is indicative of looking at the wrong spot on the target. You need to get your vision to the center of the target to drive the gun there. If you aren’t funding the center of the with your eyes, oftentimes hits will cluster in strange places.


If you are shooting at your maximum pace and still unable to break your technique, you can simply widen out the setup of the targets. This will push you to the edge.

Feel fry to apply the “rhythm” concept to any other drill or scenario. Establish a rhythm that makes sense for the situation and work within it.


Assessing your draw speed is not a part of this drill. As you speed up your shooting, you will be tempted to speed up the draw along with it. This is unnecessary and counterproductive. The only piece you should be worried about is the actual shooting. Let your draw be what it naturally is so you are doing the exercise with a good grip.

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