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Recoil management is one of the most important skills in shooting, yet it is the most difficult to master.
Hwansik Kim breaks it down analytically using tools such as slow motion videos, graphs, and diagrams. After the analysis, he shares practical solutions to improve it.

This series is in 4 parts.
1. Introduction
2. Grip
3. Joints
4. Stance

The run time of the video is 1 hour and 47 minutes.

Hwansik Kim shares one of his keys to success as a practical shooting competition shooter. ACED is the system he made to become a top ranking shooter as quickly as possible.

Hwansik trains on position entry in September of 2018. He focuses on developing different techniques of position entry and pushing the limit to get a higher score. This is a video of actual practice, not instructional content.

Ben trains on a movement drill in September of 2018. Watch as he works through shooting while moving into position and out of position. This is a video of actual practice, not instructional content.

A series of stages built and shot by Ben for a series of classes. This is first person footage with a talkthough of the details of each stage. First person footage only, first shown through coaches eye and then run at full speed.